e-on Software’s Vue is a remarkable 3d package. For years it has been a standard in Hollywood productions, yet is surprisingly affordable for even the hobbyist with entry-level packages available. I first became aware of Vue after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean and finding out many of the island mountains were created in this program.

Vue was used extensively for James Cameron’s Avatar, and you’ve probably seen it in many films without even realizing it.

I started experimenting with Vue 6 PLE back in 2007, right as Vue 7 was being released. When I was ready to purchase, Vue 6 unfortunately wasn’t available. I personally think the renderer was a little better in Vue 6. This image was my first ever time opening the PLE and trying the foliage painter:

But I was not disappointed in Vue 7, it had some amazing new features over its predecessor, and I used it for hundreds of shots in my Star Force 7 film. A few years back I upgraded to Vue 10 and am now working on that version to prepare the SF7 terrains for use in Unreal Engine. I’m currently working on rebuilding these terrains in UE4:

The current version is Vue 2016. Check it out here: e-on Software Vue

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