TerreSculptor from Demenzun Media is a great terrain generator and has found a place in many a game developer’s toolkit. This app has both a free and Pro version, and exports terrains that are compatible with Unreal Engine, Unity, and many other game engines.

TerreSculptor produces very detailed terrains that look great in Unreal Engine. I’ve been using it to create terrains and heightmaps for my World of Greywyn game, and the results are impressive. You can build levels very fast just by exporting your terrain to .r16 or a png image and importing into Unreal Engine. In the images below, I’m using 2048×2048 heightmaps.

Here is a free heightmap you can use – just download the zip file for the full 2048×2048 png image:


If you have not yet tried TerreSculptor, go download it RIGHT NOW – you won’t be sorry!

Download it from Demenzun Media here: http://www.demenzunmedia.com/home/terresculptor/

More Examples:


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