Bryce is one of the best-known 3d landscape software programs. With a long history and a dedicated user base, this app continues to see heavy use thanks in no small part to its acquisition by DAZ Software and a growing selection of “pro” level content from brilliant artists such as David Brinnen, Horo, and others.

Bryce was my very first software purchase back in the early 90’s, and I still have this boxed version sitting on my shelf, complete with the floppy disk installers. I spent many, many hours immersed in this program on a Mac Quadra back then!

While the program is not without its bugs (it’s still 32-bit), its an extremely capable software application, and now it is VERY inexpensive – you can get it from DAZ at around $20 these days. If you can find the magic combination of Bryce and DAZ Studio, you can get some great still renders with any DAZ content including characters. I’ve found that version 7 (plain ‘ol 7, not 7.1!) and DAZ Studio 2.33 works well on Windows 7 64-bit. Make sure you have both the 64- and 32-bit versions of DS installed.

There are also many add-on content items for Bryce in the DAZ shop and at other vendors like Renderosity, etc. While you don’t necessarily need these to produce some great renders, it’s very useful to have assets for when you need to get a scene together quick, and it’s incredibly helpful to pick these apart and learn how they were created.

Get Bryce 7 here: Bryce 7 Pro

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