e-on Software’s Vue is a remarkable 3d package. For years it has been a standard in Hollywood productions, yet is surprisingly affordable for even the hobbyist with entry-level packages available. I first became aware of Vue after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean and finding out many of the island mountains were created in this program. […]


Bryce is one of the best-known 3d landscape software programs. With a long history and a dedicated user base, this app continues to see heavy use thanks in no small part to its acquisition by DAZ Software and a growing selection of “pro” level content from brilliant artists such as David Brinnen, Horo, and others.

Hello, World!

Welcome to! This site is meant to be a resource for worldbuilders of all kinds – from landscape software enthusiasts to environment artists and tabletop terrain builders. My goal is to provide useful info and refer you to tools you need to create your art. This site is just getting started, but i’m adding […]